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Perfect to utilize for educating state legislators.

ACTION PACK includes:

• Audio CD - Beware of Article V
• What is a Constitutional Convention? - booklet
• Change it or Obey it? - DVD
• Dual feature - NULLIFICATION VS. CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION & A CRASH COURSE on a Constitutional Convention - DVD
• The Article V Convention: What are they not telling you? - DVD
• What is a Con-Con? PP presentation DVD
• Balancing Our Budget pamphlet
• TERM LIMITS: Will They Fix Congress? pamphlet
• Save the Constitution by Rescinding Article V Convention Applications reprint
• Solving the Debt Crisis reprint
• Who's Behind A Constitutional Convention? reprint
• Revise or Follow the Con-Con Slim Jim (1pk = 25qty)


Get equipped to Stop a Con-Con with this Action Pack! It contains what you need to educate yourself and your circle of influence including your elected officials. You’ll get a feel for what you find most useful and learn what to order in bulk for different occasions. (2019)