The Robert Welch Presentations

The Robert Welch Presentations
by Robert Welch

The Robert Welch Video Presentations capture the best of Mr. Welch's uniquely prophetic speeches from 1959 to 1974. These speeches established the philosophical foundation and grassroots organization of The John Birch Society and provided the impetus for today's rapidly-growing movement to restore freedom under the Constitution.


See for yourself the speeches by Robert Welch that laid the philosophical foundation and created the organization that provided the platform for today’s rapidly-growing constitutionalist movement.

Set Includes 6 DVD's:

1.) The Life of John Birch

2.) An intro to the JBS, What is the JBS, and an invitation to membership

3.) The Touch of Sanity

4.) The Truth in Time

5.) In One Generation- Part 1

6.) In One Generation- Part 2, Look at the Score

(2009ed, 553 total minutes, 6-DVD set)

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